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This website was created out of frustration as there is a lot of information available on the web but you have to do quite a lot of searching to find all of the movies related to your favourite stars in one place.  We always wanted a website that could show you ‘at a glance’ the back catalogue of the stars to aid in the collection of their movies.

As such, if there are any inconsistencies, omissions or errors then please contact us so that we can rectify this or alternatively if you want to ask any questions.   

It was decided the most economical way to run this site was as an affiliate, hence, any purchases made through this site will result in a small commission being received by the site owner.

Also, please note that you should check what format the DVD is when you purchase as due to constraints on space , there is not enough room to show this information on the actors’ pages.

About us

This site  has been developed by  a martial arts enthusiast who has a passion for all things related to China.

We hope you enjoy browsing through these pages and would encourage you to contribute to the blog and reviews section.