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to Chinese Martial Arts Movies!

The website which brings together your favourite Chinese martial arts movies under one roof.  Whether you are a Bruce Lee traditionalist or prefer the light humour of Jackie Chan, this website will have something for you.

We all love a good martial arts film and cannot resist emulating our heroes in our front room. The focus of this site is to provide you with a direct link between your favourite Chinese martial artists and the films they have starred in so you can copy their moves in the comfort of your own home.

The leading lights of Asian cinematic history will be showcased with a filmography of their career and links to purchase the films listed (where possible).

The site will be updated on a regular basis and there is an article page where you can read reviews of the latest and greatest martial arts movies of all time.  So whether you wish to read through the official biography of Donnie Yen or purchase the latest release by Jet Li, Chinese martial arts movies will have something for you.

Tai Chi Master

Two Shaolin monks who grow up as best friends turn against each other when one becomes thirsty for power.

Interesting dynamic as one monk strives for power but cannot control his aggression whilst the other learns tai chi and develops control over his emotions.

Full review of Tai Chi Master